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IObit Advanced SystemCare

Version 10.3

Over time, your PC gathers junk files and unnecessary data. Give it a good cleaning and boost its speed

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When installing IObit Advanced SystemCare, choose the Custom option and deselect any additional tools you don't want.


Cat Ellis

IObit Advanced Systemcare's sheer range of functions makes it one of the best tools around for optimizing your PC, and it's all wrapped up in a simple, clear interface.

Cat Ellis


IObit Advanced SystemCare
IObit Advanced SystemCare
IObit Advanced SystemCare

In just the course of a normal working day, your PC collects a small mountain of data. A large part of it is of no use, yet its weight still presses down on the performance of your computer. Especially on computers with little RAM, the normal tasks of a loading procedure can be undesirable.

The solution is simple: free your PC of all the unnecessary data at regular intervals. Advanced SystemCare Free does this with just a few clicks. An integrated maintenance function scans the system for spyware and problems in the registry. Subsequently, errors are fixed and the browser cache and Recycle Bin are emptied.

Why you need IObit Advanced SystemCare

Over time, you'll notice that your PC no longer runs as quickly as it once did. Files left behind by uninstalled programs, temporary caches, fragmented files, unused software and broken registry entries all accumulate, resulting in slower boot times and sluggish overall performance.

IObit Advanced Systemcare makes cleaning up your PC and optimizing its performance incredibly straightforward – not only deleting junk, but also managing startup programs and services, and protecting you from malware and spyware.

There are lots of PC cleanup utilities around, but few are as comprehensive as IObit Advanced SystemCare.

Its Clean & Optimize tool is the quickest way to improve your PC's performance; simply select which common junk files and errors to search for (including spyware, disk errors, tracking cookies and browser history) and click 'Scan'.

You can also let IObit Advanced SystemCare fix any problems it finds automatically – just go and make yourself a cup of tea and come back in a couple of minutes to a cleaner, faster PC. More advanced users can customize their scan using a comprehensive settings menu, and decide for themselves what happens to detected junk, errors and vulnerabilities.

Once you've cleaned your PC, move to IObit Advanced SystemCare's Speed Up tab to optimize its performance. Here you can disable unnecessary processes and services to conserve RAM and make other adjustments like removing font formatting from desktop icons. It's a case of marginal gains – small changes that add up to make a noticeable difference.

There's also a quick program uninstaller that removes unwanted software, then scans for leftover temporary files and registry entries that can be erased, and a tool for removing browser extensions.

Having trouble downloading this program? Check out the developer's site (linked on the right). If this doesn't help, please send a description of the problem to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that this download is for Windows only.

  • High-speed download
  • Checked for viruses
  • Free

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