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FocusWriter lets you concentrate on your work without unnecessary toolbars and menus to get in the way

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Cat Ellis

FocusWriter is a superb free tool for anyone with an interest in creative writing. It blocks out distractions and offers incentives to keep you on track while you commit your ideas to the screen.

Cat Ellis



Open-source text-editor FocusWriter forgoes the myriad of toolbars and menus that clutter most word processors, putting your writing in the spotlight.

Control panels are only displayed when activated with a mouse gesture, and the design of the interface is entirely up to you. Set your favourite image as a background, customize the colors and adjust the alignment of text in the editing window.

Extra tools including an alarm clock help creative people manage their time, giving FocusWriter the edge over other text editors for serious writing tasks. Best of all, you can choose to focus all your attention on the paragraph you're currently writing, with everything else fading into the background.

FocusWriter supports TXT, RTF and ODT formats and doesn't require installation, so you can run it straight from a USB stick.

The best free software for writers 2016


Latest updates

The latest version fixes a bug where keyboard sounds wouldn't play when the Alt key was pressed, and one that prevented users changing the shortcut to disable focused text.


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  • High-speed download
  • Checked for viruses
  • Free

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