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LibreOffice (32-bit)

Version 5.3.3

LibreOffice for Windows is a fantastic free alternative to Microsoft Office, containing a full suite of well-designed software

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Cat Ellis

LibreOffice offers a powerful suite of office applications and is a great alternative to Microsoft Office. With laudable principles, nothing to pay and no ads, there's no reason not to give it a try.

Cat Ellis


LibreOffice (32-bit)
LibreOffice (32-bit)
LibreOffice (32-bit)

Microsoft Office is well known as one of the most popular office suites in the world, but its pricetag may put you off giving it a try. If that's the case, you need LibreOffice.


Why you need LibreOffice

Developed by The Document Foundation, LibreOffice is an offshoot of OpenOffice, a free alternative to Microsoft Office. It's created, tested and developed by members of the OpenOffice community and aims to remain open source and free from vendor or company control.

LibreOffice contains everything you need from an office suite:

Writer (word processing)

Calc (spreadsheets)

Impress (presentations)

Draw (diagrams and vector graphics)

Math (mathematical formulae)

Base (databases)

You can save and open many different formats, including Microsoft file types (such as .doc and .docx files), which is ideal if you're collaborating with users of Microsoft Office, or if you've previously used Microsoft's suite but have decided to try LibreOffice.


Latest updates

The latest release includes several bugfixes and enhancements to make LibreOffice more stable. For full details, see the developer's release notes.


LibreOffice tutorials

Getting started with LibreOffice


Other LibreOffice versions

LibreOffice 64-bit

LibreOffice Portable

Having trouble downloading this program? Check out the developer's site (linked on the right). If this doesn't help, please send a description of the problem to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that this download is for Windows only.

  • High-speed download
  • Checked for viruses
  • Free

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