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Panda Free Antivirus

Version 18.1

A cloud-based free antivirus tool that's a solid alternative to the likes of AVG and Avira. Fully compatible with Windows 10

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Cat Ellis

If you find that regular antivirus programs use up too many of your system resources, give Panda Free Antivirus a try. Its cloud-based approach takes the load off your PC during scans.

Cat Ellis


Panda Free Antivirus
Panda Free Antivirus
Panda Free Antivirus

Are you looking for a discreet antivirus tool? If so, look no further than Panda Free Antivirus (formerly Panda Cloud Antivirus). This free virus scanner uses cloud processing to protect your PC - no more demanding scans or large updates. This collective intelligence should lead to more harmful programs being detected whilst using only a tenth of the system resources. 

Load Panda Free Antivirus directly onto a memory stick and use it for multiple computers. Connected USB sticks will also be checked for viruses automatically.


Why you need Panda Free Antivirus

You might not realise at first, but Panda Free Antivirus begins scanning as soon as it's installed to ensure your PC is protected immediately. You can also perform three types of manual scan: full, critical areas, and custom.

 The suite's other tools include a process monitor, which lets you see active processes and whether they are using a secure connection. Processes that don't are blocked, but you can undo this manually if you're confident it's safe.

There's also a handy vaccination tool that checks attached USB drives for malicious software. We recommend changing the settings so it runs automatically to pick up any threats as soon as possible.

If one of your PCs has been locked by a malicious program, Panda Free Antivirus can create an emergency rescue USB drive that you can use to scan the affected machine. This feature uses Panda Cloud Cleaner – a specialist scanner that detects viruses and malware other scanners might miss.

All of of these options are presented in a clear dashboard, with moveable tiles that you can customize to suit your preferences or remove if you never use a particular feature.


Latest updates

The newest edition of Panda Free Antivirus benefits from improved stability and a revamped interface.

To find out which security suite is right for you, check out our guide to the best free antivirus software.

Having trouble downloading this program? Check out the developer's site (linked on the right). If this doesn't help, please send a description of the problem to and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that this download is for Windows only.

  • High-speed download
  • Checked for viruses
  • Free

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