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Scribus (32-bit)

Version 1.4.6

Create professional looking document layouts with this free alternative to Adobe InDesign

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Cat Ellis

This is a very smart desktop publishing program and remarkably capable given the fact that it’s free, even for commercial use. Its supportive community makes it something truly special.

Cat Ellis


Scribus (32-bit)
Scribus (32-bit)

Scribus is a piece of open source desktop publishing software that is completely free (even for commercial usage).

It’s an impressively in-depth effort that offers professional page layout capabilities. Scribus is also available across multiple platforms and can be used to lay out everything from business cards through to newsletters or brochures.

The user interface is clean and easy to use. You begin with a blank slate of workspace, called the document, and into this you can place objects, the majority of which are frames. Text frames carry your written content, image frames are for pictures, and there are other shape/line frames to make fancy graphics with (graphs and pie charts can be inserted, for example).

Once you lay all these frames down, you can then resize or shift things about, adjusting text and image frames so everything looks good. Further complexity can be added in the form of layers, with frames set on top of one another – and Scribus also boasts professional publishing elements such as colour separations, CMYK and spot colours.

You can add your own fonts quickly and easily, and work with scripts using premade scripts  to do things like automatically enlarge an object to the full size of a page.


Support and advice

This might be a free piece of software, but don’t underestimate what you can achieve with Scribus. It’s worth noting that if you do get stuck with the program – which may happen when it comes to some of the finer nuances of this software – there’s a sizeable community on hand to help via a mailing list, IRC channel and Wiki page (the latter is very informative with plenty of tutorials on hand).

Also be sure to turn on Tool Tips (in the Help menu), which provides detailed explanations of many UI elements when you hover your mouse over them.


Much more than print

Note that Scribus isn’t solely for producing printed materials, as it can also be used to make PDFs that you can email or use as part of a presentation (you can also create PDF forms, should you wish).

Scribus is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, BSD UNIX, Solaris, and a number of other more obscure operating systems.

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  • High-speed download
  • Checked for viruses
  • Free

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