Download VLC Media Player (32-bit)

VLC Media Player (32-bit)

Version 2.2.4

A 32-bit version of VLC Media Player - a real multimedia over-achiever with incredible format support

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VLC is the best free media player, bar none. This all-rounder can work with just about any video file - even missing file types don't faze it. 



VLC Media Player (32-bit)
VLC Media Player (32-bit)
VLC Media Player (32-bit)

VLC Media Player (formally known as VideoLAN Client) is the best free media player around thanks to its simple interface and compatibility with almost all video and audio formats.

The player supports MPEG and DivX streaming and can play videos as they're downloading, letting you watch the beginning of a film and then decide whether it's worth downloading in full. You can also play ZIP files without having to unpack them individually. 

If a video is too quiet, you can manually increase the film's volumn up to 200% after the download is finished. The VLC Media Player can also search for album covers. 

A playlist function allows for multiple films to play one after the other. This is particularly useful if you have downloaded a film in several parts or just want to watch several shorter videos.

The best free music player 2016


Latest updates

The latest version of VLC Media Player includes improved codec libraries and several small bug fixes. For full details see the developer's release notes.


Other versions

VLC Media Player 64-bit

VLC Media Player Portable


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  • High-speed download
  • Checked for viruses
  • Free

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